olive oil

Olive oil consumption is associated with better cognitive function

Cognitive decline leads to the advancement of mild cognitive impairment and incipient dementia. This could result in an increase of Alzheimer’s disease and other patterns of severe dementia. In the Singapore Chinese Health Study, researchers found healthful dietary patterns, including the “alternate Mediterranean diet” (aMED), were inversely associated with the risk of cognitive impairment. In […]

The benefits of replacing unhealthy fats with olive oil

In a remarkable analysis of the impact of olive oil consumption on cardiovascular risk, 61,181 women and 31,797 men were analyzed by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. This was a subsample of the “Nurses’ Health Study” and the “Health Professional’s Follow-up Study”. Their results revealed that the substitution of margarine, butter, mayonnaise, […]

Olive oil may lower LDL-cholesterol levels

One of the mayor causes of metabolic syndrome and other metabolic related diseases is the lipid profile. In a recently published randomized clinical trial, olive oil, in the context of a Mediterranean diet, and the additional benefits of oat consumption demonstrated improvements on cholesterol levels. The effects of lower LDL-cholesterol levels (“bad cholesterol”) were observed […]

The fatty acid composition is an important quality trait of EVOO

A recently published article focuses on the fatty acid composition as an important quality trait for extra virgin olive oil. In particular, a high content of oleic acid and low of linoleic, linolenic, and palmitic acid is considered relevant in health properties of the olive oil. FAD2-2 gene is the main responsible for the linoleic […]

Olive oil helps to control tour body’s inflammatory response

The anti-inflammatory effect of olive oil is one more virtue to add to this great food after a recent systematic review1 of the clinical trials published in the last 8 years showed that olive oil helps to reduce the levels of certain inflammatory markers. More specifically, the meta-analysis of seven clinical trials included in that […]

Olive oil or extra virgin olive oil?

A recent systematic review1 of 13 clinical trials involving more than 600 participants found a dose-response relationship between the amount of phenolic components in olive oil and its effect on cardiovascular risk factors. More specifically, the authors found that, compared to refined olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, with a higher phenolic acid content, was […]