extra virgin olive oil

The fatty acid composition is an important quality trait of EVOO

A recently published article focuses on the fatty acid composition as an important quality trait for extra virgin olive oil. In particular, a high content of oleic acid and low of linoleic, linolenic, and palmitic acid is considered relevant in health properties of the olive oil. FAD2-2 gene is the main responsible for the linoleic […]

Production and storage mechanisms are important in the composition of extra virgin olive oil.

There is evidence that, taken as a whole, extra virgin olive oil is a functional food with a healthy profile and that its phenolic component, as well as the tocopherols and the monounsaturated fatty acid fraction (oleic acid), contribute in different ways and act on different molecular targets. Although there is a clear vision of […]

Extra-virgin olive oil cultivars can modulate gene expression.

Nutrigenomics is defined as the study of food effects on gene expression. Starting from a deep dissection of the interaction between nutrients and the genome at molecular level, nutrigenomics shows the potential impact of a dietary pattern or food items on human health. Traditionally, the beneficial properties of extra-virgin olive oil have been attributed to […]

Extra virgin olive oil and breast cancer

The results of studies analyzing the association between the Mediterranean diet and breast cancer have been inconspicuous. Alcohol, especially wine and consumed at meals, is one of the components that define the Mediterranean dietary pattern, but higher alcohol consumption has repeatedly been associated with an increased risk of different types of cancer. Interestingly, when studies […]

Olive oil or extra virgin olive oil?

A recent systematic review1 of 13 clinical trials involving more than 600 participants found a dose-response relationship between the amount of phenolic components in olive oil and its effect on cardiovascular risk factors. More specifically, the authors found that, compared to refined olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, with a higher phenolic acid content, was […]