Mediterranean diet is associated with lower risk of cancer

An antioxidant-rich diet has been proposed to prevent cancer. In a French population, a higher adherence to the Mediterranean pattern using a 9-unit dietary score that evaluates intakes of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereal products, olive oil, fish, dairy products, meat products, and alcohol was associated with a lower risk of skin cancer in women, particularly […]

Oleocanthal may be helpful in the prevention or treatment of different pathologies with an inflammatory component

Although hydroxytyrosol is considered the most potent olive oil antioxidant, which encouraged the investigations on its cardioprotective potential, oleocanthal is described as the major Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) phenolic compound with functional and health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, chemotherapeutic, neuroprotective, and antirheumatic. The oleocanthal concentration in EVOO can vary from as little as 0.2 mg/kg […]