What is the OHIS?

The Olive Health Information System (OHIS) is a web-based project aimed to provide a permanently updated repository of all scientific reports related to the health effects of olives, olive oil and other olive products.

The OHIS will serve as a means to keep a permanent service for the intereset of public health and nutrition epidemiology. In a friendly way for the general public OHIS will provide free accessible content related to mediterranean diet and health based in the most relevant scientific evidence.

The objective is dual:

  • To connect researchers in order to spread technical scientific data among academics working in the field
  • To transfer this information the general public in order to disseminate scientific information on the benefits of mediterranean diet and olive oil.

The OHIS shall work in an interactive way in order to effectively search publications and data. These systems allow a high visibility of health-related nutritional issues or relevant public health topics.