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Recently, a conference focused on the Mediterranean Diet has been held in Vatican City on "The art & science of olive oil: nutrition, medicine and planetary health". In November 2020, the globe commemorated 10th anniversary UNESCO's classification of the Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Mediterranean Diet is based on the use of olive oil as the primary source of fat. The universe of olive farming and olive oil industry, from planting to harvest to processing, is behind this diet.

For centuries, olive oil has been a staple of the Mediterranean cuisine and culture. We are still learning about the genuine significance of olive oil and the history of Mediterranean olive grove settings. We attempt to relate to our cultures, share meals with family and friends, and ultimately for the sustainability of our environment, in addition to studying olive oil and its link with health.

As a result, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences hosted a two-day conference that brought together renowned scientists and other professionals from other sectors to discuss what we know about the contribution that olive oil can make to our lives, as well as what research needs to be done. Some of the collaborating institutions were The Culinary Institute of America, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Hellenic Health Foundation, Olive Wellness Institute, University of Barcelona/Torribera, Mediterranean Center University of California, Davis Olive Center, University of Florence, University of Navarra, World Olive Center for Health, and Yale University. This symposium brought together the scientific justifications for paying more attention to quality in olive oil production, as well as the several paths via which olive oil is thought to contribute to optimal health and how it is connected to health planetary.

Thus, the goal of this workshop was to contribute to our understanding of why and how this Mediterranean tradition of olive oil needs our active attention and vigilant to ensure it survives and thrives for the future generations. The debate focusses on innovation in the culinary arts, preventive medicine, education, marketing, and digital communications.

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