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Type does matter. Use VIRGIN olive oil as your preferred fat to reduce your risk of breast cancer: case-control EpiGEICAM study.

Associations between Dietary Patterns and Malnutrition, Low Muscle Mass and Sarcopenia in Adults with Cancer: A Scoping Review.

Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and the risk of lung cancer: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of observational studies.

Cardiovascular disease

Mediterranean Diet and its Effect on Endothelial Function: A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review.

Children and adolescents

Diet Quality Scores and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Mexican Children and Adolescents: A Longitudinal Analysis.

Impact of Mediterranean Diet Food Choices and Physical Activity on Serum Metabolic Profile in Healthy Adolescents: Findings from the DIMENU Project.

Determinants of Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Spanish Children and Adolescents: The PASOS Study.


Changes in the Lifestyle of the Spanish University Population during Confinement for COVID-19.

Dietary patterns

Alcohol Consumption by Italian and Spanish University Students in Relation to Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and to the Food Neophobia: A Pilot Study.

Mediterranean Diet Adherence and Nutritional Status in Dalmatian Diabetic Hypertensive Patients Regarding Presence of Chronic Kidney Disease-Is There Any Difference?

Adopting a High-Polyphenolic Diet Is Associated with an Improved Glucose Profile: Prospective Analysis within the PREDIMED-Plus Trial.


Healthy Lifestyle Score and Incidence of Glaucoma: The Sun Project.


The role of nutrition in inflammaging.

Effects of Olive Oil and Its Components on Intestinal Inflammation and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Anthropometric Variables as Mediators of the Association of Changes in Diet and Physical Activity With Inflammatory Profile.

Basic research

Protective effects of extra virgin olive oil and exercise training on rat skeletal muscle against high-fat diet feeding.

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Among the studies related to the health impact of olive oil, this week, we want to highlight one of the SUN cohort (University of Navarra Follow-up), where a study of the incidence of glaucoma was carried out in a university population with a total of 12 years of follow-up. For each point on the HLS scale (Healthy Lifestyle Score), a scale consisting of 10 Mediterranean lifestyle habits - among which the consumption of a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil - a 5% decrease in the incidence of glaucoma was observed (Moreno Montañés).

Another study of a follow-up cohort of 319 participants showed a reduced risk of all-cause mortality with a HR of 0.797 and of death from cardiovascular disease with a HR of 0.911 in those who had a higher adherence to a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil (Chich-Yun Chang).

Finally, this week has also been published a PREDIMED-Plus study with 5921 participants that showed an improvement of glucose management in a prediabetic population by following a diet rich in polyphenols, including extra virgin olive oil (Tressera-Rimabau).

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