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Basic research

Behavioral and Metabolic Effects of a Calorie-Restricted Cafeteria Diet and Oleuropein Supplementation in Obese Male Rats.

Olive Oil Extracts and Oleic Acid Attenuate the LPS-Induced Inflammatory Response in Murine RAW264.7 Macrophages but Induce the Release of Prostaglandin E2.


The Role of Diet, Alcohol, BMI, and Physical Activity in Cancer Mortality: Summary Findings of the EPIC Study.

The DAMA25 Study: Feasibility of a Lifestyle Intervention Programme for Cancer Risk Reduction in Young Italian Women with Breast Cancer Family History


Relationship between heart rate variability and body mass index: A cross-sectional study of preschool children.

Anthropometric Parameters and Mediterranean Diet Adherence in Preschool Children in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia-Are They Related?

Cognitive diseases

Nutritional treatments for Alzheimer's disease: A narrative review.

Mediterranean, DASH, and MIND Dietary Patterns and Cognitive Function: The 2-Year Longitudinal Changes in an Older Spanish Cohort.


Impact of Nationwide Lockdowns Resulting from The First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Intake, Eating Behaviours and Diet Quality: A Systematic Review.

Dietary Changes and Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic: Differences between the Sexes.

Dietary changes and patterns

Evolution of Nutritional Habits Behaviour of Spanish Population Confined Through Social Media.

A Generation Shift in Mediterranean Diet Adherence and Its Association with Biological Markers and Health in Dalmatia, Croatia.


Effect of Anti-Inflammatory Diets on Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Women health

Protective Effects and Benefits of Olive Oil and Its Extracts on Women's Health.

Other news

What are polyphenols and why should you care about them?

Mediterranean diet and mortality in newborn.

Olive oil and cancer.


The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected human health and lifestyle. As a result, research on pandemic's impact on the Mediterranean dietary pattern has increased. A longitudinal study in a Spanish population used new technologies during the 2020 confinement to promote the Mediterranean diet (MD) through social networks by posting informative articles and daily surveys. They observed higher adherence to MD during the follow-up and concluded that social media are a good tool to increase the promotion of the MD, especially in young adults. Following this line of research, a cross-sectional study observed the influence of lockdown on diet and anxiety level. Anxiety was also related to weight gain and poorer dietary habits characterized by increased consumption of ultra-processed foods. The study found that women with lower adherence to the MD had more anxiety disorders.
The Mediterranean diet has been associated in numerous studies with the reduction and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and cognitive decline diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. A study in the PREDIMED Plus trial investigated the effect of the MD on cognitive development. In the absence of effective pharmacological treatments, potential modifiable lifestyle factors, such as diet, were investigated for improvement of cognition or delay of cognitive decline. Higher adherence to MD resulted in significant beneficial associations with better general cognitive function. In the same line, olive oil, as the main component of MD, has been studied for its potential health benefits. A review summarized the evidence of the benefits of olive oil on women's health. Several human and experimental studies have concluded that olives and their polyphenolic extracts have beneficial effects especially on breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and postmenopausal disorders, which suggested that olive oil should be consumed especially by women.

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